Anavar (Oxandrolone)

By | December 16, 2015

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is often prescribed for medical reasons. The steroid was back then not used for the medical purposes alone instead it was used for boosting muscles. This is an act that was banned in the USA and the only means through which the product is used is for the medical uses only. Wrestlers would use the steroid to build their bodies and it is too bad that the steroid was banned yet people are still using it. Look at most people in the USA and see the type of bodies they have. You will be shocked to find that the product behind their bodies is the steroid. There are a lot of people in the black market who are selling the product. However, Anavar is a very complicated steroid to produce and for the same reason, it was being sold at very high prices. Now that is it banned did not mean that the prices went lower. In fact the prices are even higher than any other time when the steroid was not illegalized.

Anavar contains oxandrolene and produces clean and also highly standardized effects on strength gain. The steroid is not toxic and that clears any doubts users might have had in the past. It is just obvious that most of the products used by people will always be in to affect the users. This is basically in the main organs such as liver, heart, brain, kidneys and also the lungs. This gives users a free mind for there is nothing hard to worry about. Patients suffering from osteoporosis will always be prescribed to use this product. At the same time, there are people who lose their muscles from muscle-wasting disease. In this case, the doctors are left with no option but to use the steroid to build the muscles again for the patient.

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The best part is that they gain their muscles very fast. It means there is a better chance of working with the product for its anabolic uses and that is why it is highly recommended for children for muscle building. When the patient is only taking the prescribed dose, there will be no side effects. This is a steroid which will also be prescribed to people suffering from Aids. It helps in the building of their muscles without leaving any side effects which explains why it used on kids. Women using this product should use lesser product compared to men. For instance, when the man is taking 30-50mg, the woman should be taking 5-10mg daily. This is for the simple reason that the metabolism rate of the women is lower than that of men.

Before the steroid was banned, there was a high rate of its abuse. It was not just about the people in sports, it also involved kids. So many students in high school knew about the steroid and the uses. They would therefore consume the steroid so as to boost their dexterity in sports. It was so stupid of the users of the product by then since looking at the athletes, you find all that mattered to them was to win medals but they never thought of any side effects. The worst part is that the amounts that were being taken were large which clearly meant the effects were diverse to come.

These sportspeople would take the steroid 3 weeks before the main event which means the steroid would have highly accumulated in the body. By the time the big day comes, they were well and ready for anything. The steroid was meant to last for 8-12 hours which meant there was the best timing for by the end of the time; they will have won the competitions. They however had to make sure they took the steroid in large amounts. This is however not a practice that is running since athletic bodies made their tests very tight and precise and hence anyone caught on the drug is never allowed to participate in any game. This also discouraged many of the users which have brought its demand low but then, this does not mean that there are no other sectors in life which needs the boosting of the muscles and strength. This is the reason why we have the steroid still selling in the black market. Anavar will not only boost the energy but at the same time, it will increase the metabolic rate. This is actually one of the biggest advantages that come from the steroid however; the disadvantages are more than the advantages.

To start with, the product is banned in the United States of America. This means anyone caught using the steroid without any medical prescription will highly be charged. It also means for you to live with it, you always have to be at an excluded place. In addition, the product is sold online. This means that the product can have very little chances of getting to the hands of the buyers. In the same instance, there is no pure guarantee that the Anavar one is getting is actually the real product. There are so many counterfeited products being sold and you might just have your unlucky day where you will have the counterfeited steroid. You will hence lose your money and also time not forgetting the product you really need

This is the reason why online means of getting the product becomes the last option for many people. The government can also be a hindrance when you are looking forward to have it imported. The product like mentioned is very expensive and therefore, it is not anyone who will afford it. Many people will leave it since the prices are just too high. Note that this is an anabolic steroid. People may have a lot of weight gain from taking the steroid. Once the steroid is taken for a long time, there will definitely be a high weight gain. Hence, before one starts to use the steroid, there is need to make sure that all the above information is well known to avoid any risks that may be involved.

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